Blog August 31, 2016
Fall Internships at Afropop!

Seasons come and seasons go. The world continues to spin its endless way around its celestial path, and Afropop Worldwide is once again looking for smart, self-driven, interested, interesting fall interns. Which we know for a fact exist somewhere out there in this big old world where the problems of one award-winning nonprofit don’t amount to nothing but a hill of beans.

But seriously:

Internships at Afropop can take a variety of forms, primarily determined by your interests and energy. Internships at Afropop are not typical internships where you do menial, repetitive, boring tasks all day. We are a relatively small organization, but we do a lot of cool stuff, so there is both a ton of room to explore on your own and all sorts of projects that you can jump on. Regardless of what you do end up focusing on, you will learn a lot (and very, very quickly) about a truly amazing variety of music from all over the world. You will develop valuable writing and media skills. And you will also get a chance to gain experience in both the nonprofit world (for better and for worse) and the music industry (ditto).

If you think you might be interested or know someone who is interested, please send an email to

You can read more about this whole internship thing here.