Blog June 1, 2012
New Video: The Very Best - "Kondaine" F. Seye
We are super excited for MTMTMK, the forthcoming album from The Very Best set to drop on July 17th. We’ve been bumping it in the office and we are loving it. Stay tuned for a review. About a month ago we wrote about the excellent video for the first single "Yoshua Alikuti." Now the duo are back with a second video for the track “Kondaine” featuring UK by way of Nigeria artist Seye. The first video featuring the duo strutting through a Nairobi township gave us an awesome feel for the day in the life of a working class Kenyan. Theis latest video heads out into the country and features the three taking a concoction called Kondaine with some Turkana tribesman. The resulting effect is a psychedelic trip, a sacrificial ceremony and a bunch of other crazy stuff we will leave for you to see.