Blog August 3, 2017
Preview: Toli and the Femm Nameless "See Line" EP Reissued
It often feels like a blessing when music is rediscovered and makes its long-overdue foray into the world. This is the case for the eight-member all-female Brooklyn Afrobeat band Toli and the Femm Nameless's demo recording from 2003, which has been unearthed and is finally available to stream. Although the recording is now 14 years old, it still sounds fresh and will have you up and dancing in no time. The three-song EP starts off with a cover of Nina Simone's "See Line Woman," done in an Afrobeat style that would make Fela grin. The ensemble features a flautist, trombonist, trumpeter, as well as many additional instrumentalists who keep you intrigued as to what sounds will pop up next over the course of the seven-minute track. The second cut, "Talk Da Shit," is half the time of the first but it's filled with call-outs to the government and the empty promises that they make. Finally, the B-side, "Deaf Ears," tones down the energy as the track ambles along with a bass line groove. It serves well as a closer and eases the listener down from the high of the first two cuts. These songs will make a great addition to your party playlists. The vinyl is available on their Bandcamp page and you can stream the EP below:

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