Blog February 3, 2014
Web Exclusive Podcast- Angelique Kidjo: The Roots of "Eve"
In addition to Afropop Worldwide's new show, Benin: Transforming Traditions, we bring you this web exclusive podcast, Angelique Kidjo: The Roots Of Eve, featuring new music and an exclusive interview with the Queen herself. Afropop Worldwide has followed Angelique since she her career first began, and we're always excited to hear what she's up to. Her latest album, Eve, was released on January 28th 201 by 429 records. It is dedicated to her mother and celebrates African women. Eve features women's choirs from Benin and Kenya, and many of the songs reference the traditional Vodun music featured in this week's program. Our senior producer Banning Eyre interviewed Angelique at her home in Brooklyn, New York. Listen to the podcast to hear Angelique speak about the inspiration for the album, and hear new music from Eve. You can also read a full transcript of the interview.