Blog June 26, 2013
Photos: Amadou and Mariam with Bombino @ Celebrate Brooklyn! 6/21/13
For Afropop, the summer concert season is the most exciting time of the year. This year's festivities kicked off for us with the Bombino and Amadou and Mariam concert at  Celebrate Brooklyn! last Friday. The weather was beautiful, the crowd even more so, and the music was out of this world. Check out a few photos from the night below, or head to our Facebook for the full photo album.

Bombino hasn't performed much in the U.S. prior to the promotional push for his Dan Auberbach produced record, Nomad, so it was a real treat to watch him and his band tear it up. We were seriously  excited over the fact that Bombino's show featured a dedicated pedal steel player/percussionist, but it turned out that the truly transcendent moments came later when Amadou and Miram took the stage.

Not only was their band large and in charge, but the sheer magnetism of Amadou and Miram themselves was what really stole the show. Halfway through their set (which was approximately two hours long), the band left the stage and let the couple lead a song on their own. Watching them perform by themselves was very tender and evocative, but the return of the band to the stage transformed that tenderness into an exciting, neo-new wave jam that seriously upped the ante for the night.


 The whole Afropop Team was there all night promoting our Summer Concert Guide and soaking up the good vibrations. We've got a lot of love for both of artists, but most importantly we were psyched to get the word out about all of the great music happening throughout NYC this summer. Check out the digital version of our Summer Concert Guide and get yourself to the next concert on our list, Ladysmith Black Mambazo at Celebrate Brooklyn and The Spanish Harlem Orchestra at the Midsummer Night Swing, both going down this Friday night!

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