Videos August 16, 2013
New Video: Vieux Farka Toure's "Peace"

Malian guitar hero Vieux Farka Toure premiered the new video for his song, “Peace”, on today. We tried to embed the video in this post, but RS is a little protective of their content, so instead we'll direct you to this link for the video, then give you our take on it below. Everyone wins (kind of).

The track is a cut from his most recent record, Mon Pays (remember our review?), and the video is in keeping with many of themes that album and artist concern themselves with. The video for “Peace” is a slice of life in Mali, a micro-episodic tour of the plains, markets, architecture, and people of the singer and guitarist’s homeland.

Farka Toure has taken it upon himself to use his music and influence to represent Mali in its time of need. At a time when most outside coverage of Mali focuses primarily on the conflicts in the north, Vieux aims at and succeeds in being an emissary for the people and places in Mali where peace and unity prevail over armed struggle.

For more on Vieux Farka Toure, you can also check out our in depth interview with him from earlier this summer.

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