Videos February 27, 2014
Major Bummer
You remember it well, the morning you sat down at your computer, opened up Internet Explorer, and witnessed for the first time the majesty that is Major Lazer’s “Bubblebutt”. It was thrilling. The video opened with a razor-sharp lambasting of hipster dance culture and quickly followed with an eye-popping (among other parts of the human anatomy) caricature/farce/celebration of Booty Worship. The beat was right, the hook was virtually microscopic but deadly effective, and the sheer element of surprise gave it a 20 pt boost. It was fun. Remember the fun?  

You will not remember this morning. “Loose Yourself”, the new Major Lazer video, was quietly released this morning and quickly sent this blogger back to bed. This one shares a lot of traits with “Bubblebutt”- scantily clad, twerking females, quark-sized melodies, and a whole lot of skuzzy bass- but none of the fun. All there seems to be in the “Loose Yourself” video are dancers in outfits that surely must have come from the wardrobe of a cancelled SyFy channel pilot, dudes in suits, a beautiful backdrop, a goat, and a seriously inane track.

Great cinematography, though.


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