Videos December 13, 2016
Video Premiere: Lakuta's "Rice and Peace"
If you are an Afropop regular, you have probably heard the single “Bata Boy” from Lakuta. This vibrant Afrobeat posse cooks up a particularly British and multiculturalist strain of the classic Nigerian genre. The band members hail from Brighton, U.K., with roots in Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana, Malaysia and Spain. Early in December, Lakuta released a video for their new Rice & Peace EP on the Tru Thoughts label. The track takes you on a journey through a funky bass line with a sweet-sounding soukous guitar riff. A harmonious horn section enters, locked in an unmistakable Afrobeat groove intertwined with the energetic voice of the band’s lead vocalist, Siggi Mwasote. The video begins with Siggi prepping for a jam session at an underground dance venue. An enthusiastic crowd can be seen dancing to the band’s ebullient Afro groove. Following Siggi’s vocals is a superb guitar solo,  and terrific solos from the percussionist as well as the drummer. This free-spirited performance bubbles with youthful exuberance, guaranteed to electrify any dance floor. To buy this track, click

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