Blog October 23, 2012
The Bachata Legends: Live in NYC
Tomorrow, music fans in NYC will have the opportunity to see a performance by a group of legends. Dominican legends. BACHATA LEGENDS! Formed as a collaboration between some of the greatest Bachateros of all time, each member of the group is without question a master- and a marquee name- in his own right. Each had a highly visible presence during the 1970's and, taken together, their music had a massive effect on the shape of the genre as a whole. Combining the festive rhythms of the Caribbean with the sentiment (and incredible virtuosity) of the Spanish guitar, bachata reflects the deep roots of Dominican people in a way that is similar to the American blues. Historically, bachata had been marginalized for its associations with the poorest dominicans. It was a folk genre in which misery, heartbreak, and poverty were the most popular topics, and as such, it had no place in respectable society. The popularity of the legends did much to force bachata above ground, transforming it  from an oppressed style into a classic representation of Dominican culture. The Legends are: Edilio Paredes--Guitarist Ramón Cordero-- Vocalist Augusto Santos--Guitarist Ysidro Cabrera “El Chivo Sin Ley”--Singer/Songwriter Leonardo Paniagua--Singer/Songwriter In 2008 these masters came together with iASO records to record an album in a state-of-the-art studio, making full use of modern production, mastering and editing techniques. For many of these musicians, this album marked the first time that they had access to such assets. The resulting recording was fantastic. With any luck, the live show will be even better. The Bachata Legends are playing tomorrow at 7:00pm in: The Graduate Center Elebash Hall 365 Fifth Avenue (bet. 34th and 35th Streets) Buy Tickets here!

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