Contests May 10, 2013
Free Ticket Giveaway: Ghalia Benali

This month, the FIAF hosts the fifth edition of their World Nomads program, an artistic investigation into transculturalism in the Francophone world. This year’s program focuses on Tunisia, a country that has become extremely artistically fertile in the two years since the beginning of the Arab Spring. As part of the program, the Tunisian musician Ghalia Benali, who is known for her inventive, soulful music that reflects a variety of influences from Arabic folk to jazz, performs at the Florence Gould Hall Wednesday, May 15th at 8 pm. And we've got free tickets to the concert!

Ghalia got her start as an actress before making her name as a genre-defying musician. Her music effortlessly blends Arabic folk, traditional Jazz, and contemporary chillout sounds. While the breadth of her sound may be impressive, Benali's real selling point is her voice. It's as soft as smooth as a tuft of cotton, moving easily from a sultry whisper to a powerful roar.

We're pleased to announce that two Afropop listeners will win free tickets to the concert!  To enter the contest, drop us a line at with your name and contact info. On top of that, all Afropop fans will get tickets for the event at the special discounted rate of $20. To redeem the discount, just click the link and enter the code “WORLD”.

The World Nomads program continues through the end of the month, so check out the calendar here and witness the artists and musicians of Tunisia redefine their country one performance at a time.

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