Blog October 15, 2020
A Call to Musicians to “Lift Every Vote”

Over 100 million Americans who could vote in the 2016 presidential election didn’t. Let’s write that number out so you can contemplate the zeros…


Put another way, more than 40 percent of eligible voters chose not to vote. That number goes up with non-presidential elections.

There are several voter mobilization groups out there, but one in particular got our attention recently: Lift Every Vote.

Lift Every Vote challenges all musicians to use their music to empower people to vote, by posting impromptu outdoor performances using the hashtag #lifteveryvote on Instagram and Facebook. Performances are then shared by Lift Every Vote along with voter resources.

It’s a joyous way for musicians to help get out the vote—and for listeners to connect with some great music.

Check out for more.

And to all the Afropop musicians in America, consider yourselves challenged! Every music should be represented as we assure every vote counts. Let’s Lift Every Vote with Afropop!

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