Blog April 20, 2011
A Music Tease: Reimagining Africa through American Jazz
Next week we will be airing our next Hip Deep program,Reimaging Africa: From Popular Swing to the Jazz Avant Garde. For the past couple weeks, we’ve been supplementing this exciting and in-depth look into how some of American Jazz masters have addressed their African ancestry with posts giving you a glimpse behind the music that will be featured. Recently, AACM founder George Lewis was kind of enough to drop 25 essential albums on us to check out that closely relate to the theme of our show. From that 25 we picked out ten tracks to showcase for those looking to go beyond the hour long program. Our original plan was to offer these tracks for streaming. However, as we quickly learned, iTunes is lacking in their jazz selection so we had to head onto Youtube to find more tracks. Even then, we often came up empty. The end result is the XX track featured below. While it isn’t the extent that we wanted to bring you, we thought it still did a good job at giving you a nice preview of our forthcoming program. For all you record crate diggers out there, we’ve included the list of 6 from George Lewis below as well. Enjoy! Henry Threadgill's Zooid - "Tickled Pink" from Up Popped Two Lips Amina Claudette Myers - "Jumping in the Sugar Bowl" from Jumping in the Sugar Bowl [FIND VIDEO] Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Theme de Yoyo" from Les Stances a Sophie Revolutionary Ensemble - "Hu-Man" from Psyche Joseph Jarman - "Little Fox Run" from Songs For Anthony Braxton - "To Artist Murray De Pillars" from For Alto George Lewis' Top 25: 1. Muhal Richard Abrams - Levels and Degrees of Light (1967) 2. Muhal Richard Abrams - The UMO Jazz Orchestra Plays the Music of Muhal Richard Abrams (1999) 3. Air - Air Raid (1979) 4. Fred Anderson Quartet - Live at the Velvet Lounge. Vol. 2 (2000) 5. George Lewis - Homage to Charles Parker (1980) 6. Roscoe Mitchell - Sound (1966) 7. Roscoe Mitchell - L-R-G; The Maze; SII Examples (1968) 8. Samana- Samana (1996) 9. Anthony Braxton - Creative Orchestra Music (1976) 10. Anthony Braxton - For Alto (1969) 11. Anthony Braxton - Three Compositions of New Jazz (1968) 12. Douglas Ewart - Bamboo Meditations at Banff (1994) 13. Joseph Jarman - Song For (1967) 14. Nicole Mitchell - Xenogenesis Suite: A Tribute to Octavia Butler (2008) 15. Edward Wilkerson - 8 Bold Souls (1987) 16. Muhal Richard Abrams and Amina Claudine Myers - Duet (1993) 17. Wadada Leo Smith - Tao-Njia (1996) 18. Wadada Leo Smith - Kabell Years 1971–1979 (2004) 19. Revolutionary Ensemble - The Psyche (1975) 20. Amina Claudine Myers - Jumping in the Sugar Bowl (1984) 21. Henry Threadgill’s Zooid - Up Popped the Two Lips (2001) 22. Art Ensemble of Chicago- A.A.C.M. Great Black Music/Message to Our Folks(1969) 23. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Les stances à Sophie (1970) 24. Art Ensemble of Chicago - Live at Mandel Hall (1972) 25. Art Ensemble of Chicago - People in Sorrow (1969)

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