Features June 24, 2021
Africa In Melbourne: Video Playlist

Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia by size, but it’s considered first when it comes to arts and culture. This music video playlist is a small slice of the diverse artistic expressions coming from some of Melbourne’s best African acts.

Hear a blend of traditional African instruments by the Melbourne African Traditional Ensemble (M.A.T.E); funky jazz fusion by Black Jesus Experience; South-Sudanese modern rock by Ajak Kwai; electro infused hip-hop from rising talent, IJALE; and multi-award winning queen of soulful bars: Sampa the Great.

Black Jesus Experience- "Ethiobop"

M.A.T.E PBS Studio 5 Live Performance

Dugong Jr featuring IJALE - "Ceramic"

Ajak Kwai - "Let Me Grow My Wings"

Sampa the Great - "OMG"

Sampa the Great - "ARIA" Live Performance

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