Videos September 24, 2013
Georges Collinet Tells His Story in an Afropop 25 Video!
Afropop has always been about the music; celebrating, storytelling, connecting-bringing the world to our listeners through the power of music. And for all of the last 25 years, that process has been shepherded by the buoyant tones and inimitable personality of a certain Mr. Georges Collinet. But despite having spent literally countless hours with him, many of our listeners know all too little about Georges' career. Which is why we- with the help of BRIC Brooklyn Independent Media- sat Senior Producer Banning Eyre down with Georges in front of a camera at our 25th Anniversary Celebration at SummerStage in July to talk about exactly that. Starting with the beginnings of Georges' career on the Voice of America, we take you on journey through the highlights of Afropop's field work- including footage from Mali, Madagascar, and Ghana- and takes the story up to the present with the NEH funded Hip Deep series. So take a ride with us. And here's to the future! Afropop - 25 Years from Brooklyn Independent Media on Vimeo.

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