Blog August 16, 2018
Afropop Premiere: Jonathan Butler’s “Cape Town”

South African jazz musician Jonathan Butler’s pride in his Cape Town roots takes precedence over just about everything, including the theme for his latest album. While the rest of songs on the album are covers of Burt Bacharach and Hal Davis staples, Butler penned an ode to home, which you can hear here first.

“Once a Capetonian always one, whether living in L.A. or N.Y. or anywhere” Butler told Afropop. “Everyone’s written songs about their hometowns and believe it or not, this is my first time I’ve written one representing mine! It’s about my home, and I’m very proud.”

Butler has been on the international scene for a while, garnering Grammy nominations for Best R&B Song for his song “Lies,” and Best Jazz Song for the instrumental “Going Home” back in 1987. 

If you’re wondering about the connection between Cape Town and Burt Bacharach, it was there a young Butler cut his musical teeth. And, in case Butler’s canon of jazzy-but-pop-friendly works didn’t tip you off, he did so by learning Burt Bacharach songs. So there you go.

Jonathan Butler’s Close to You drops Aug. 24 via Mack Avenue Records.

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