Videos October 31, 2023
Afropop Top Videos for October: Dobet Ghahore, Novalima, Kavita Shah and more...

The videos just keep on coming. Here are eight more, once again spanning the endless diversity of today’s African and diaspora music and video.

Les Mamans du Congo “Sala Sala”

This super-inventive, all-female ensemble from the Democratic Republic of Congo never fails to entertain. This one, shot in Kinshasa, is no exception—fierce, street-level attitude, leavened with joy!

Novalima “La Danza”

This Afro-Peruvian juggernaut from Lima has just released the second half of their expansive album, La Danza. This video marks the occasion with groove and dance in an industrial space.

Kavita Shah, “Joia”

Kavita Shah is an American with South Asian ancestry, but her heart belongs to Cape Verde, where she has spent years mastering its lulling musical styles. Working with Cesaria Evora’s longtime musical director, Bao, she’s created a gorgeous new album, Cape Verde Blues. This track celebrates the women of the islands, champions of its beloved music.

The Good Ones “Rwanda Should be Loved”

This duo from Rwanda is distinguished by sweetly mournful songs and warm vocal harmonies. This clip captures them informally in nature in their homeland, celebrated in the song. By the way, the duo plays New York on November 5, 2023. Details here.

Assiko Golden Band de Grand Yoff “La Musique du Coeur”

More street-level Africa here, this time from the Yoff suburb of Dakar, Senegal. This one is short and sweet. For more, check out their album Magg Tekki from Mississippi Records.

Buwa “It Doesn’t Matter”

This Vancouver-based Nigerian artist has a strong take on soul and R&B, an alternative to Afrobeats perhaps, but no less polished.

Dobet Gnahoré “Gni”

Pure uplift and wildly creative visuals from a leading lady of West African pop. This song from her upcoming album “Zouzou.” Water and mud (or is it melted chocolate? Mmm..) figure prominently. A treat for the eyes and a great pop hook to boot.

Daymé Arocena “Suae y pegao”

We know Dayme from her trenchant, spiritually rich Afro-Cuban jazz. Here she teams up with rapper Rafa Pabn for a pop outing. There’s nothing this lady can’t do!

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