Videos June 25, 2014
Afropop Video Premiere: "This Is KiT"
One of the coolest, friendliest and, without a doubt, most energetic groups to cross our aural radar over the last year or two has been Kuenta i Tambu, the Curaçaoan party starters who mix the bass-heavy sounds of modern dance music with the uptempo rhythms of traditional tambu to powerful effect. We caught the group during their first time in New York last January, taping an acoustic performance with them at BRIC's studios, and featuring them in our show "New York Musical Metropolis." While you can certainly get a taste for KiT's sound from afar, grasping the band's charm--and the astounding wave-your-flag-and-forget-your-worries electricity of their live show--requires a different approach. Which is why the band produced This is KiT, a mini-documentary made during their time at this year's South by Southwest. Check it out--and then, when they're next in town, be sure to check them out.

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