Blog January 12, 2022
Afropop Wins globalFEST’s Impact Award

Here’s a feather in our organizational cap: As part of the 2022 globalFEST Wavelengths Conference, on Jan. 27 Afropop Worldwide will be presented with the Impact Award.

As yesterday’s announcement explains, “This award goes to an organization that has earned respect and praise from the global music community for their outstanding commitment to the field. This year's recipient is Afropop Worldwide (Sean Barlow, Georges Collinet, and Banning Eyre). Afropop debuted on public radio in 1988. Thirty-four years later, the core team is still at it, having survived wars, recessions, political upheavals, and a pandemic, continuing to aid, advise, and mentor artists, producers, writers, filmmakers, presenters, and colleagues in countless endeavors supporting and promoting global music.”

The two-day conference of world music professionals will happen via Zoom, with the awards ceremony on Jan. 27 at 4 p.m. Tickets are available right here. The musical showcase goes down next week, Jan. 18-20, a three-night "Tiny Desk Meets globalFEST" series, hosted by Angélique Kidjo,

Thanks to globalFEST, and we’ll see you at the ceremony!

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