Blog May 17, 2013
After the Quake: Photo Gallery
To research "After the Quake," Hip Deep producer Ned Sublette spent a week all over  Haiti, experience the full range of Karnival, and collecting field material.  

01 9221 pwezidan

Papier-mache heads of Haiti’s presidents await action on Kanaval morning, not in chronological order. L. to R.: Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Ertha Pascal-Trouillot, René Preval, Michel Martelly, François Duvalier (partly visible), Jean-Claude Duvalier. Jakmel.

02 9264 gran bwa jakmel

The Kanaval theme was “A tree for every Haitian,” to encourage people to cooperate with reforestation, so many people were dressed as Gran Bwa, the lwa of the forest. Jakmel.

03 9402 Gran Bwa Jakmel

Another Gran Bwa; this is a full-body costume, with an eyehole visible. Jakmel.

04 9451 huge float at night

Huge, and ear-splittingly loud, float at night. The truck moved its massive rolling party very slowly through a dense crowd. Jakmel.

06 8363 RAM salute Dessalines 1400

RAM salutes Jean-Jacques Dessalines in concert. Port-au-Prince.

07 8420 Gede Mazaka at the Hotel Oloffson 1400

The lwa Gede Mazaka on the grounds of the Hotel Oloffson. Port-au-Prince

08 8435 Emerante de Pradines 1400

Emerante de Pradines at the Hotel Oloffson. Port-au-Prince.

09 9147 Lolo and ManzeLolo and Manzé Beaubrun of Boukman Eksperyans, in their lakou (community). Delmas 75, Port-au-Prince. 

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