Blog May 1, 2012
Amkoullel's "S.O.S" for Mali

Malian hip-hop artist Amkoullel is a one of the first successful MCs to come out of Mali. One of the defining aspects of Amkoullel's raps is his socio-political themes that he unleashes with unreserved critiques. Thus it comes as no surprise that Amkoullel has responded musically to the crisis in Mali.

Just one month after launching the first ever international festival of Selingue which gathered more than 12,000 people during 3 days and 2 nights of contemporary culture anchored in the tradition, history and tourism for the development of one of the most beautiful areas of Mali, the Tuareg rebellion erupted. In response, Amkoullel has mobilized his colleagues to get the voice of the Malian people heard and to denounce what he sees as a terrible situation for Malians who live in the north of the country. Amkoullel's goal is "to defend the democracy and the sovereignty of their country" through the creation of the collective PLUS JAMAIS ÇA (NEVER EVER AGAIN) and an organization of a human chain that took place on April 25, TEGUE DI GNOGUON MA (let us give each other hand). About 1,500 people demonstrated hand in hand for solidarity with the endangered population of the North. It gathered all ethnic groups and social classes. In conclusion of the demonstration, eight doves were released, representing the eight Malian regions. Further attempting to bring awareness to the situation in Mali, Amkoullel has released a new track called 'S.O.S.' All income from the track will go to NGOs supporting the people in Northern Mali. Stream above.

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