Blog January 21, 2022
Angola’s Bonga Offers A Rolling Acoustic Semba Single

Angolan semba infuses the dancey, fleet fingerwork of Congolese guitar-playing with that soulful, sad Lusaphone tonality, a fusion of folk music and musics from Cuba, Brazil and elsewhere. Celebrating a 50-year career as an artist, Bonga is a bit of an elder statesman of the genre, but to hear his latest single, his husky voice has aged beautifully. The arrangement by his longtime guitarist Betinho Feijo positively rollicks.

From his upcoming album, out Feb. 18 on Lusafrica, hear “Ti Zuela” right here:

This is the second single from the album, following 2020’s “Kudia Kuetu,” a duet with the French singer Camélia Jordana. His last full-length came out in 2016, the soulful Racados De Fora.

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