Blog August 24, 2012
ARC's Brazilian Music Day: September 7!
Our mad friends at the Archive of Contemporary Music (ARC) are at it again! September 7, 2012 will be Brazilian Music Day, a global celebration of the myriad sounds from that most musical of New World nations. This is an online and live event, offering “thousands of links, videos, radio programs, historical essays, galleries, databases and discographies celebrating Brazilian music and culture.” On September 7, ARC will post a webpage cataloguing 25,000 recordings! The page will also include links to videos, live events, radio offerings and more. Truly, this will be a day to live and breathe Brazil morning ‘til night, and you can do it all sitting at your computer. Afropop Worldwide has some experience with ARC music days. Last year, the concept launched with Muslim World Music Day, (a more thorny proposition!), and we did a full-hour broadcast on the subject. You can hear that program by clicking on the linked title (above), and hear some of the rare and surprising music ARC director Bob George and his massive network of contributors found for last year’s event.  For more on the inspiration of this idea, read Afropop’s interview with Bob George last year. As Afropop listeners know, Brazil has been a focus for us in 2012, so we’re right in line with ARC on this one.  On Brazilian Music Day, we will post links to Marlon Bishop’s brilliant, 2-part, Hip Deep exploration of Samba, and other choice Afropop Worldwide programs on Brazilian music. Meanwhile spread the word, and become a part of this one-of-a-kind new media event!

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