Blog August 8, 2013
August Program Listings
Lately, we've been receiving a whole number of questions concerning the schedule of our shows. SO- to make it easier for all of you, here is our full, complete, entire, total, unexpurgated, unadulterated August program listings. Go wild. (Small note- our shows are sent out on Thursdays. Your local station will play it sometime in the week following the Thursday listed.) Aug 8th- THE IMMORTAL 1970’S The 1970’s were an especially rich era for African artists. Bands featured multiple guitars, classy horn sections and of course powerful singers. We’ll enjoy the Green Arrows from Zimbabwe, Ernesto Dje Dje from Cote d’Ivoire, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo from Benin (they also were the backing band for teenage star Angelique Kidjo, the one and only Ali Farka Toure, and many more. August 15, 2013- THE KINGS AND QUEENS OF WASSOULOU, KHARTOUM SWING, FLAMENCO, RUMBA AND MORE, LIVE ON AFROPOP WORLDWIDE Our celebration of Afropop’s 25 years on public radio continues with these exceptional artists recorded live by Afropop Worldwide—from the gentle swing of Abdel Gadir Salim’s golden age of Khartoum, to flamenco powerhouse singer Miguel Poveda to Wassoulou pop pioneer Oumou Sangare and more… August 22, 2013- LA BAMBA: THE AFRO-MEXICAN STORY Much has been made of Mexico’s rich Spanish and indigenous heritage, but until recently, there’s been little talk of Mexico’s so-called “Third Root”: Africa. Africans came to Mexico with the Spanish as soldiers and slaves – so many that by 1810, the black population of Mexico was equal to that of the United States. Today, African heritage persists throughout Mexico, yet for a variety of reasons, black history has long been silenced. In this Hip Deep episode, we use music to explore that history as we take a road-trip across the country in search of sonic traces of Afro-Mexico. We visit the state of Veracruz to learn the history of the Afro-Mexican son jarocho sound, made famous by Ritchie Valens’ 1958 hit cover of La Bamba, a traditional jarocho tune. Then, we visit the Costa Chica of Guerrero, where Afro-Mexican communities are fighting for government recognition to help preserve faltering musical traditions. And we’ll stop by the golden-age halls of Mexico City, where the Afro-Cuban danzón thrives far from its ancestral home in Havana. Along the way, we hear from top scholars in the field such as Ben Vinson III and Alejandro Madrid, as well as Afro-Mexican music stars past and present, from Los Cojolites to Las Cafeteras. ¡Que padre! Distributed August 29, 2013- THE LATIN ALTERNATIVE MUSIC CONFERENCE 2013 IN NEW YORK CITY Did you miss this summer’s Latin Alternative Music Conference in New York? Not to worry. You’ll get the highlights here including new pop from artists from Chile and Venezuela like Alex Anwandter, Ulises Hadjis, Viniloversus, the acclaimed Astro and others! Also newsworthy this year were the ladies who rocked on and off stage. Get ready to meet Irene Diaz!  

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