Blog March 26, 2020
Bobi Wine Shows Up With A Coronavirus Song

Bobi Wine will speak up. Whether its against a corrupt government—at risk to himself—or a global pandemic, the Ugandan musician is ready to address the people.

Bobi Wine has teamed up with Nubian Li to deliver a “Corona Virus Alert” that encourages washing your hands, educating yourself and keeping your distance from others. I'll admit, it's not quite as immediately encouraging as those great old labor songs or classic reggae songs where everyone gets together and comes together and that's what changes the world, but then, this is the nature of the beast, I suppose—solidarity through physical space. And with just over 31 percent of Ugandans on the internet, music is still a reliable resource for disseminating information, so even if some lines about having a dry cough come off as a little overly literal, Bobi deserves respect for finding a way to reach people.

Uganda so far has confirmed 14 cases of coronavirus over the past five days, and according to the BBC “President Yoweri Museveni’s government has already taken a raft of measures including sealing off borders, closing bars, and banning public gatherings to contain the outbreak,” so it sounds like they're taking the threat seriously as well as musically.

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