Contests April 9, 2015
Boston-Area Music Fans: Win Tickets to This Weekend's Aputumpu Festival
If you've been living up in the greater Charles River watershed, hearing about the Aputumpu festival as this amazing, local, Afro-inflected music festival happening down in New York but you were never able to attend, we've got two pieces of good news for you: 1. Aputumpu is in Boston this weekend. 2. Afropop is giving away tickets to some lucky soul who emails, with “Boston Fest!” in the subject line. Aputumpu-Poster-724x1024 From April 10-11, Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge will taken over by ten eclectic acts, covering everything from Afropop and Afrobeat to Ska and Indie rock,” according to the festival's Facebook page. It's the first time in Aputumpu's brief, three-year life, that it has ventured to Beantown from its hometown of Brooklyn. Danny Mekonnen is the Ethiopian-American leader of the Debo Band, who are playing on Saturday. He gave us a rundown on the weekend: “Friday features a smorgasbord of acts that's at the pulse of the of genre-blurring that we see in Boston, while Saturday showcases the who's who African-influenced bands with five groups making their mark on Boston,” he said. “In all our years, we've never seen a bill so stacked with local talent, and I'm so excited to kick-start the festival season with Aputumpu!” "Boston's been missing a regular, mid-sized festival to celebrate the rich diversity and creativity of local bands who have been working hard at the scene for a while or are up and coming," the festival's co-producer Michael Prentky, said in a press release. It's a "mid-sized festival" at tiny festival prices: just $30 for the weekend, which Mekonnen pointed out is “about a tenth of what one would pay for a big-name festival.” But, again, you may not have to pay anything at all, which is even cheaper. Just email with the subject line “Boston Festival” and you could win!  

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