June 15, 2023
Breaking Into Afrobeats Playlist

This episode, produced by Fay Fay straight from Lagos, highlights young hopefuls navigating the music business in Nigeria to emphasize the importance of being a timeless creative, making music that can resonate for years to come. With a focus on talent, perseverance, and the power of social media, this story showcases the dreams and aspirations of these artists, aiming to inspire listeners and promote a deeper understanding of the global phenomenon that is Afrobeats. These are the contenders for tomorrow's hitmakers.

You can start with Eyiaromi Daniel Adetokunbo A.K.A. Romi who has a fresh new EP and is ready to launch. Check him out!

Young Jonn A.K.A. John Saviours Udomboso, fondly known as Young Jonn "The Wicked Producer" is an award winning Afro-pop producer, singer/songwriter. Dubbed the Sound of the Streets, "Young Jonn" is the head honcho and musical genius behind some of the most memorable artists that own the streets in the street-hop or pop genre. With over three awards in some of the prestigious awards in Nigeria, Young Jonn's sound, lyrics and beats have broken several legendary artists on the Nigerian music scene since the mid-2000s. Young Jonn's credits have established him as one of the most iconic producers in the last 10 years. Young Jonn signed an artist recording agreement with Nigeria's foremost record label, Chocolate City with the aim to transition from being a producer to a recording artist. His first project, Love Is Not Enough, was released in April 2022.

Bayanni, who is signed to Mavin Records, describes himself on his own YouTube channel as "using his silvery voice to entertain and spread his blend of Afrobeat to a global music audience."

Boy Spyce was born Ugbekile David Osameke in Lagos, Nigeria, an indigene of the historically rich Benin city in Edo state. Boy Spyce is a mix of a wise old spirit in the body of a 20 year-old and an unapologetic self-aware young lad.

His introduction to music came through his older brother who was in a boy band at the time. Watching him come up with melodies, going to the studio and rehearse with his other band members was quite fascinating which made Spyce start writing songs.

Boy Spyce became an internet sensation through song covers using his unmistakably unique voice and reflective lyrics.

His goal as an artist is to make songs for every emotion a person could possibly feel, he wants his songs to be the soothing balm at every point in time for everyone who comes across his music.

Dubbed as "The Pan African rockstar," Lady Donli is a melting pot of different cultural experiences. Born in Cleveland, raised in Abuja (Nigeria) with multi-cultural parents. She spends most of her days on the road between Toronto, London and Lagos. Her music is just as vast as the roads she travels, from R&B to alternate jazz to hip-hop to Afrobeat to highlife, her music crosses different genres. However one thing remains the same: the music is undeniably African.

STREAM AND DOWNLOAD Enjoy Your Life, the debut album by Lady Donli : https://awal.lnk.to/EnjoyYourL...

Kidd Carder's "Sweet Me" hit 2022 with his infectious hook and solid production. One of the artists who has secured the support of his family through his hard work.

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