Blog April 23, 2021
Cedric Burnside Asks the Lord to “Step In”

There’s a lot of blues songs about how the blues find you—generally they’re hiding at the bottom of the bottle—but Cedric Burnside was born right into them. Today, the grandson of blues legend R.L. Burnside proudly carries the mantle of Mississippi hill country blues into the 21st century, proving that this most elemental and foundational American music has plenty of life left in it.

Burnside released a new video for “Step In” from his upcoming album I Be Trying. Check it out right here:

Recorded at Royal Studios in Memphis, where Al Green himself recorded back in the ‘70s, Burnside teams up with Luther Dickerson from the North Mississippi All-Stars on a track that renders this old-style music in bright colors and vivid depth. And the video even has a puppy, so what more could you want?

I Be Trying comes out in full on June 25 via Single Lock Records.

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