Blog November 21, 2018
Check Out Sociedade Recreativa's Retro-Inspired Video "Embola Pedra"

We've proven to be smitten by contemporary electronics being mixed with Brazilian samba de coco before, so it should be no surprise that we're digging this video from Sociedade Recreativa. The retro direction harkens back to the early days of Tropicalia, but the music for "Embola Pedra" is a fusion of something much older, with something much newer.

One cool thing about Brazilian pop is how stylistically varied it is, while remaining unmistakably Brazilian. It's such a musically rich, distinctive place that even when they're drawing from international sources, Brazilian artists will leave their home country's stamp in clear view: reggaeton-inspired pop tracks will have cavaquinhos and heavy metal bands will still play to asymmetrical 3-2 beat.

No matter how much bass and dub and hip-hop influence Sociedad Recreativa brings in—and they bring a welcome amount—that Afro-indigenous samba de coco isn't going anywhere, even if you can't hear the percussion that normally comes from the performers' stomping feet. "Embola Pedra" melds one specific and local social music with its international counterparts. The group's new album Sociativa will be out in February 2019 on Jarring Effects, and it'll be very interesting to hear what else is on there.

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