Blog May 15, 2013
David Rodigan reggae mix from FACT Mag
One of the most fascinating aspects of reggae's global diaspora is its ability to utterly ensnare listeners, frequently transforming them to the point that their relationship to the genre becomes one of the touchstones of their cultural life. On the surface, this may not seem all that different from similarly worldwide and deeply loved styles like Jazz or Punk. The position of the reggae aficionado is set apart, however, by the added wrinkle of the soundsystem. Because of this, a role for the ultra-knowledgeable fan is built into the very productive structure of the music as selector, opening up a whole new range of potential musical possibilities. The result is everything from Tokyo Rastafari to.... David Rodigan. One of the great radio selectors in British history, Rodigan has been spinning serious bass since 1978 and he has the dubplates to prove it. For this FACT mix, Rodigan pulls deeply from this awe-inspiring collection, toasting in his inimitable style, and covering everything from Bunny Wailer to Shaggy (although mostly tending towards deep, conscious, and harmony-heavy side of things). Recorded live in the Saporro Club in Japan, it's about an impressive a display of live mixing as you're likely to hear. Check it! [soundcloud url="" iframe="true" /]

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