Blog February 22, 2007
Discography: Africans in the (Persian) Arabian Gulf
Some of the musical examples on this program were recorded for Afropop Worldwide in the Arabian Gulf by our colleague Joseph Braude. Other music comes from the 3 CDs that accompany Poul Rovsing Olsen's excellent book, "Music in Bahrain: Traditional Music of the Arabian Gulf" (Jutland Archaeological Society, Moersgaard Museum. Ministry of Information, Bahrain). This book was published years after Rovsing Olsen died, and in fact, it relies on research he did between 1958-78. Nevertheless, this book and its CDs provide an excellent source on the roots of Gulf music. The book includes many annotated musical examples and beautiful photographs. Highly recommended for anyone keen to explore this subject deeply. As ever, the best source for Khaliji and other Arab world music is Rashid Music Sales in Brooklyn, NY. Visit or Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Africans in the Arabian (Persian) Gulf: Abdel Rab Idriss "Ya Zein Hobak" (Virgin, Farasan Est. 1997) Ensemble Muhammad bin Fâris "The Sawt In Bahrain" (Institut du Monde Arabe 2004) Abdullah al-Ruwaished "2006" (Rotana (EMI) 2006) Ensemble Al-Umayri "The Sawt In Kuwait" (Institut du Monde Arabe 2004) Souhail Kaspar, Naser Musa "Khaliji, Songs Of Love And Passion From The Arabia" (RT Productions 2001) Various artists "A Musical Anthology Of The Arabian Peninsula, Vol." Music of the Pearl Divers (VDE 1994) The Wild Tchapitoulas "Wild Tchapitoulas" (Antilles, Island 1976) Miami "2000" (EMI Arabia 2000) Huda Abdulla "1955-2005"

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