Blog October 25, 2011
Discography: Egypt 1: Cairo Soundscape
Here is a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Egypt 1: Cairo Soundscape: Naseer Shamma "Hilal (crescent Moon)" (Diwan Bookstore 2004) Mohamed Mounir "Alemony Eineky" (Sono Radio) Mohamed Mounir "Shababeek" (Sono Cairo 1981) Salma El Assal "Salma, Hassan, Sayed" Warda "Rouhi Wa Rouhak" (Sono Cairo) Hakim "Tigi Tigi" (The Lion of Egypt 2007) Mahmoud El Husseiny "Ana Leh" (New Mazzika 2008) Umm Kulthum "Chansons A L'ecran (soundtrack Cuts)" (Buda Musique) David Ensemble "Hymns Of St. Basillius Mass Part Ii" (Self Produced 2002) Amr Diab "Greatest Hits (amr Diab)" (EMI Arabia 2005)

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