Blog November 15, 2011
Discography: Egypt 2: Cairo - Hollywood of the Middle East
Here is a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Egypt 2: Cairo - Hollywood of the Middle East: Mohamed Fouad "Bain Aydaek" (Rotana (EMI) 2010) Umm Kulthum "Fat El Maad" (Sono Cairo) Farid el Atrache "25 Ans Déjà! " (EMI Arabia 2000) Abdel Halim Hafez "Lahen El-wafaa" (Space Shop Records 2002) Various artists "Yalla Hitlist Egypt" (Mango 1990) Hakim "Nazra" (Sonar 1991) Hakim "Nar" (Sonar 1994) Amr Diab "Greatest Hits (amr Diab)" (EMI Arabia 2005) Sherine Abdel Wahab "Habeit" (Rotana (EMI) 2009)   Also look for these recommended titles. Naseer Shamma "Hilal (crescent Moon)" (Diwan Bookstore 2004) Naseer Shamma "Departing Moon" (Diwan Bookstore 2004)

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