Blog October 8, 2008
Discography: Music and Islam: From Prohibition to the Science of Ecstasy
Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Music and Islam: From Prohibition to the Science of Ecstasy: Various artists "Many Lessons: Hiphop * Islam * West Africa" (Bantu, Docta, Sistar Fa & More) (Piranha 2008) Various artists "Echos Du Paradis: Sufi Soul" (Neatwork, Neatwork 1997) Youssou N'Dour "Egypt" (Nonesuch 2004) Various artists "The Diaspora Of Rembitiko" (Network 2004) Munir Bashir, Munir Bashir, Munir Bashir "L'art Du 'ud (the Art Of The Ud)" (Ocora Radio France 1971, Ocora Radio France 1971, Nubenegra 1971) Farida, The Iraqi Maqam Ensemble "The Voice Of Mesopotamia" (Long Distance 2003) Sheikh Habboush, Ensemble Al-Kindi "Aleppian Sufi Transe" (Network 2003) Shaykh Hamza Shakkûr, Ensemble Al-Kindi "The Whirling Dervishes Of Damascus" (Sufi Liturgy of the Great Ummayad Mosque) (Chant du Monde 1999) Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan "Shahbaaz" (Real World 1991) Ensemble Al-Umayri "The Sawt In Kuwait" (Institut du Monde Arabe 2004) Cheb Hasni "Le Meilleur De Hasni" (Blue Silver 1993) Ali Akbar Moradi, Kayhan Kalhor "In The Mirror Of The Sky" (Modiba/World Village 2004) Various artists "B Muslim, Volume 1" (Halal Productions 2007) Various artists "Acoustic Arabia" (Putumayo 2008) Ruby "Misheet Wara Ehsasy" (EMI Arabia 2007) Niyaz "Nine Heavens" (Six Degrees 2008)   Also look for these recommended titles. Ensemble Muhammad bin Fâris "The Sawt In Bahrain" (Institut du Monde Arabe 2004) Sabri Moudallal, Omar Sarmini, Ensemble Al-Kindi "The Aleppian Music Room" (Chant du Monde 1998) Various artists "Irak: Les Maqams De Bagdad" (Ocora Radio France 1996) Masters of Persian Music "Faryad" (Modiba/World Village 2003) Masters of Persian Music "Without You" (Modiba/World Village 2002) Kayhan Kalhor, Mohammad Reza Shajarian "Night Silence Desert" (Traditional Crossroads 2000) Various artists "Hommage A Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan" (Network 1998) Ensemble Ibn Arabi "Chants Soufis Arabo-andalous" (Long Distance 2003) Zizi Possi "Sobre Todas As Coisas"

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