Blog December 5, 2011
Discography: Tarab: the Art of Ecstasy in Arab Music
Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Tarab: the Art of Ecstasy in Arab Music: Various artists "Le Luth Des Virtuoses" (Duniaphon 1996, Virgin France 2001) Sabah Fakhri "Au Palais Des Congres-1978" (Club du Disque Arabe 1995) A.J. Racy, Simon Shaheen "Taqasim" (Lyrichord 1990)   Also look for these recommended albums. Sabah Fakhri, Sabah Fakhri "Sabah Fakhri: Volume 1" (Cairo Beirut Audio) Adîb al-Dâyikh, Ensemble Al-Kindi "Courtly Love" (Institut du Monde Arabe 1995) Wadi Al-Safi, Sabah Fakhri, Simon Shaheen, Qantara "The Two Tenors Of Arabic Music" (Ark 21 2000) Umm Kulthum "Anthologie (5-cd Set)" (Sonodisc 2002) Umm Kulthum "Ana Fe Entezarak" (Sidi 1994)

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