Blog December 5, 2011
Discography: Tarab: the Art of Ecstasy in Arab Music

Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Tarab: the Art of Ecstasy in ArabMusic:

Sabah Fakhri "Au Palais Des Congres-1978" (Club du Disque Arabe 1995)

A.J. Racy, Simon Shaheen "Taqasim" (Lyrichord 1990)

Ensemble Ibn Arabi "Chant Soufis Arabo-Andalous" (Long Distance)

Wadi Al Safi "Chante Le Liban" (Duniaphon)

Emil Zrihan and Orchestre Anadlou D’Israel "Maghreb I" (Magda Music)

Shaykh Hamza Shakkur et L’Ensemble Al-Kindi "Syrie, Musique des Derviches Tourneurs de Damas" (Audis Ethnic)

Omar Sarmini and Ensemble Al-Kindi "The Crusades Through the eyes of the Orient" (Le Chant du Monde)

Sheikh Ahmad Barrayn "Sufi Songs" (Long Distance)

Anything by Umm Kulthum (also spelled Oum Kalsoum, Oum Koulthoum)

Also look for these recommended albums.

Sabah Fakhri, Sabah Fakhri "Sabah Fakhri: Volume 1" (Cairo Beirut Audio)

Adîb al-Dâyikh, Ensemble Al-Kindi "Courtly Love" (Institut du Monde Arabe 1995)

Wadi Al-Safi, Sabah Fakhri, Simon Shaheen, Qantara "The Two Tenors Of Arabic Music" (Ark 21 2000)

Umm Kulthum "Anthologie (5-cd Set)" (Sonodisc 2002)

Umm Kulthum "Ana Fe Entezarak" (Sidi 1994)

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