Blog January 30, 2009
Discography: The Mandé Diaspora In New York City, Part 2
The Mandingo Ambassadors were recorded at Barbes in Brooklyn by Afropop Worldwide. This group has yet to record a CD, but stay tuned. It will be worth waiting for! Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's The Mandé Diaspora In New York City, Part 2: Sean Noonan, Brewed by Noon "Live From New York And Beyond" (Innova 2008) Fula Flute "Mansa America" (Completely Nuts Records 2008) Baye Kouyate "Danama" (Self Produced 2008) Balla Tounkara, Balla Kouyate "Malifoly" (Self Produced 2002) Balla Tounkara "D'jelia" (Self Produced 2002) Abdoulaye "Djoss" Diabaté "Sara" (Completely Nuts Records 2009) Toumani Diabaté, Roswell Rudd "Malicool" (Soundscape 2003) Ben Allison "Peace Pipe" (Palmetto Records 2002) Balla Tounkara "Kora Jazz" (Self Produced 2005) Brewed by Noon "Boxing Dreams" (Songlines 2008) Gokh-Bi System "Voice Of The Jeli" (AMU Music 2008) Balla Kouyate, World Vision "Sababu" (Self Produced 2007) Orchestra Baobab, Kelenia "Kelenia" (Motema Music 2008) Yo-Yo Ma "Songs Of Joy & Peace" (Sony Classical 2008)

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