Blog December 5, 2011
Discography: The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 1: Europe
A number of the CDs used in this program are no longer in print. Of those that are, we particularly recommend Mudejar and The Splendour of Al-Andalus by Calamus. Both of these projects involve Begona Olavide and other Spanish musicians, and are excellent throughout. The Music of the Troubadours is also a fantastic album. All three of these are available as this show first airs in March, 2004. Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 1: Europe: Altramar Iberian Garden, Volume II (Dorian Discovery 1995) Calamus The Splendour Of Al-andalus (M A Recordings 1994) Begoña Olavide Mudejar (M A Recordings 1998) Jordi Savall, Hespérion X Music From Christian & Jewish Spain--1450-1550 (Virgin 1999) Altramar Iberian Garden, Volume I (Dorian Discovery 1995) Antequera Cantigas De Santa Maria Eno Nome de Maria (Alocubano Records 2003) Sequentia Dante And The Troubadours (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 1995) Sonus Chanterai (Dorian Discovery 1994) Various artists Music Of The Troubadours (Naxos 1999) Sequentia El Sabio Songs for King Alfonso X of Castile and Leon (1221-1284) (Deutsche Harmonia Mundi 1992) Alla Francesca Cantigas (Opus 111 2000) Andalusian Orchestra of Fes, Camerata Mediterranea Cantigas De Santa Maria (Erato Disques, Detour 1999) Diego el Cigala Con Niño Josele (Tablao 2002) Radio Tarifa Fiebre (World Circuit 2003) Compagnie Marc Loopuyt Les Deux Andalousies (Musique du Monde) Also look for these recommended titles. Marc Loopuyt, Guillermo "El Brusco" Chavés El Suspiro Del Moro (AUVIDIS 1993) Julia Banzi, Tarik Banzi, Al-Andalus Illumination (Al Zahabi 1996) Ensemble Unicorn Alfonso X 'el Sabio' Cantigas De Santa Maria (Naxos 1994) Various artists Las Cantigas De Santa Maria (Hispa Vox 1990) Gregorio Paniagua, Atrium Musicai de Madrid Musique Arabo-andalouse (Harmonia Mundi 1977) Tarik Banzi, Al-Andalus Vison (Al-Andalus Productions 2002) Tarik Banzi, Julia Banzi, Al-Andalus Genetic Memories (North Pacific Music 1999)

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