Blog December 5, 2011
Discography: The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 2: Africa & Beyond

The recording of the group Al-Andalus was made by Afropop Worldwide. The final complete piece in this program, "Unq al-Malih" by Sabri Moudallal in Syria, was provided by ethnomusicologist Jonathan Shannon. Some of the releases listed here were purchased in Morocco and won't be easy--or even possible--to find. Many others are available, particularly through the Harmonia Mundi distribution catalogue, an excellent source for music from North Africa and the Middle East.

Here is a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's The Musical Legacy of Al Andalus, Part 2: Africa & Beyond:

Marcel Khalife Concerto Al Andalus (Nagam Records, Inc. 2002)

Omar Metioui Ensemble Al Ála Al-andalusiyya (Pneuma 1999)

Mohammed Briouel, Abderrahim Souiri Soirée Andalouse, Vol. 6 (Société Artistique et Culturelle Audio-Visuelle 1996)

Saïd Chraïbi La Clef De Grenade (Institut du Monde Arabe 2001)

Abderrahim Souiri, Mohammed Briouel Soirée Andalouse, Vol. 1 (Société Artistique et Culturelle Audio-Visuelle)

Julia Banzi, Tarik Banzi, Al-Andalus Illumination (Al Zahabi 1996)

Tariqa Hariquiyya Tariqa Hariquiyya (Fassiphone)

Sanaa Mirhati Al-dimliij (Fassiphone)

Nassima Andalusian Music From Algiers (Institut du Monde Arabe 2002)

Ensemble Essoundoussia, Ensemble Ahab Cheikh Larbi Bensari Anthology De La Musique Arabo-andalouse (Ocora Radio France 1994)

Sabri Moudallal, Omar Sarmini, Ensemble Al-Kindi The Aleppian Music Room (Chant du Monde 1998)

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