Blog October 23, 2009
Discography: The Prehistory of New Orleans; Treasures from the Hogan

Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's The Prehistory of New Orleans: Treasures from the Hogan:

Armstrong "Johnny Dodds And Kid Ory" (Epic)

A.J. Piron "Piron's New Orleans Orchestra" (Retrieval)

Morgan "Oscar "papa" Celestin/sam Morgan" (Jazz Oracle)

Traditional "Valentin Choral Club Quartet" (Religious Recordings from Black New Orleans)

Traditional "New Orleans Funeral & Parade" (American Music Records)

Taylor "Freddie Keppard 1923-1926" (Retrieval)

Traditional "The Complete Library Of Congress Recordings" (Rounder)

Traditional "The Wild Magnolias" (Polygram)

Traditional "The Music Of New Orleans" (Folkways)

Mendelssohn "Unknown" (INDEPENDENT RELEASE)

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