Blog August 8, 2005
Discography: The Story of Rai
The Story of Rai
Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's The Story of Rai: Various artists "Rai Rebels, Vol. 1" (Earthworks 1995) Cheikha Rimitti "Les Racines Du Rai/rai Roots" (Buda Musique 1994) Maurice El Médioni "Café Oran" (Piranha 1996) Bellemou Messaoud "Le Pere Du Rai" (World Circuit 1989) Cheb Hasni "Le Meilleur De Hasni" (Blue Silver 1993) Khaled "Khaled" (Cohiba Records, Barclay 1992) Cheb Mami, Cheb Mami "Dellali" (Mondo Melodia 2001, Mondo Melodia 2001) Khaled "Khaled-the Best Of The Early Years" (Nascente 2002) Khaled "Forever King" (Manteca 2005) Khaled "Spirit Of Rai" (IMC Music 2005) Also look for these recommended titles. Khaled "Ya-rayi" (Universal 2004, Wrasse Records 2005) Various artists "Pop-rai And Rachid Style: Rai Rebels, Vol. 2" (Earthworks 1990) Various artists "Rai Superstars" (Mondo Melodia 2002) Lili Boniche "Lili Boniche" (Melodie)

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