Blog January 24, 2013
Discography: Thomas Mapfumo: The War Years
Thomas Mapfumo: The War Years
Much of the music in this program comes either from Zimbabwe's National Archives, by way of Thomas Turino's personal archive, or else from private collections of no-longer-available singles from the 1970s in Zimbabwe. There are some fine compilations of early Mapfumo music and other related music, listed below. Also, visit the Afropop Music Shop and check out the extensive Thomas Mapfumo catalog available through the Afropop Music Shop, including Afropop Worldwide's unique 1991 recording of Thomas Mapfumo, Live at SOBs in New York City.   Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide's Thomas Mapfumo: The War Years: Thomas Mapfumo, The Blacks Unlimited "The Chimurenga Singles" (1976-1980) (Shanachie 1989) Various artists "Mbira Singles Collection" (Gramma Records 1996) Various artists "Merveilles Du Passe, Volume Ii " (Sonodisc) Dumisani Maraire "The African Mbira: Music Of The Shona People" (Nonesuch Explorer 1971, Nonesuch 2002) Hallelujah Chicken Run Band "Hallelujah Chicken Run Band: Take One" (Analog Africa 2004) Thomas Mapfumo "Spirits To Bite Our Ears" (DBK Works 2005)   Also look for these recommended titles. Various artists "The Soul Of Mbira" (Nonesuch Explorer 1973, Nonesuch 2002) The Green Arrows "4-track Recording Session" (Analog Africa 2005) Thomas Mapfumo, The Blacks Unlimited "Shumba: Vital Hits Of Zimbabwe" (Earthworks 1990) George Sibanda "The Legendary George Sibanda" (Historical recordings from by Hugh Tracey) (SWP 2004)

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