Blog February 6, 2018
DJ Mixanthrope Returns with "Ah La La L'Argent !": A Francophone Money Mix

After rounding up a mix of songs about love gone wrong, our man in Berlin, Boris Paillard, A.K.A. DJ Mixanthrope, is back with a mix of Francophonic African tunes about an equally universal lament: money woes.

From the Democratic Republic of Congo, up the continent’s west coast through Benin, Gabon, Cote d’Ivoire and Mali and out to the diaspora in France itself, the  mix casts a wide net and draws in some pretty funny songs to help you live with life’s big stressor. It’ll also teach you some great Francophone slang for money. Next time you’re in Cameroon, you’ll know what les fafiots are.

The songs here are more contemporary than those of Paillard’s Amoul Problem series, featuring artists such as Cote d’Ivoire’s coupé-décalé star Serge Beynaud, and Doc Deezy Flow, a rising Afrotrap star from Gabon. There’s still a few nods to the classics, like Congo’s Pamelo Mounk'a, though.

Anyway, it’s worth a spin this month, as we Americans are settling in to do our taxes and everyone everywhere pays full rent for the shortest month. Money can’t buy you love, but having it around helps with almost everything else.

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