Blog May 17, 2018
Enjoy A Soul-Funk Moment Courtesy of Shirley Davis and the Silverbacks

Shirley Davis’s story spans the globe—she was born to Jamaican parents in London, moved to Australia for love, started singing on cruise ships only to find her perfect backing band in Madrid. Suitably, the music she makes with the Silverbacks behind her is difficult to place: They’re over in that vintage funk/soul, Diana-Ross-LP-on-the-table, protégé-of-Sharon-Jones corner, with a dial that says “Afrobeat” that they turn up from time to time, tight songs that Davis’s hurricane voice seems to steer. The video for the title track off their new record is a pretty good introduction:

Their latest album is out on Tucxone Records May 25 and has been a staple on Friday afternoons around the office here. 

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