Features September 22, 2011
Feature: Africa in East Asia


“I think you could tell a really interesting alternative history of modern China through popular music. For more than 100 years, there’s a tradition of Chinese people engaging with America and others kinds of global cultures and remaking their own culture through that dialogue.”
- Andrew Jones on the Chinese Jazz Age

Li Jinhui // Nie Er // Buck Clayton // Zhou Xuan // Bai Gwong // John Huie // Shien Lee // Jon Jang

(Zhou Xuan)


Yin Tsang // In3 // Brass Face // Dum Due // MC Weber

(Sbazzo w/ Yin Tsang)

:::Soundsystems & Dancehall in Japan:::

“In Japan, for you to be considered a really serious dancehall artist, the expectation is that you spend a certain amount of time at heart of dance hall culture. They say you can't really learn real dance hall in Japan; you have to learn it in Jamaica.”

Marvin Sterling on the Japanese Dancehall Scene

Mighty Crown // Junko Kodo // Nanjaman // King Jam Unlimited // Risky Dice // Ryo Skywalker // Boogie Man // Miki Douzen // Boxer Kid // Jing Teng

(Mighty Crown Soundsystem)

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