Blog April 11, 2014
Featured Artists: Afropop Live! NYC, Musical Metropolis

To give you a closer look at the musicians who played such fantastic live performances in Afropop Live!, we bring you more information and videos about our featured artists. Check it out!

Yasmine Hamdan

Lebanese singer Yasmine Hamdan has crafted an acclaimed and adventurous career, going from the Beirut underground group Soapkills to a solo career, making music influenced by classic Arabic female singers of the mid 20th century. She also makes a film-stealing appearance in Jim Jarmusch's vampire movie, Only Lovers Left Alive.

Previous Coverage: Afropop Senior Editor Banning Eyre interviewed Yasmine for our Hip Deep Lebanon program, and we reviewed her debut solo album, Ya Nass.


Baloji has a unique musical style, melding the hip-hop he grew up with in Belgium with the soukous of his Congolese heritage, all backed by a magnificent live band.

Previous Coverage: We featured Baloji in our "Trans-National African Hip-Hop Train" program.

Brushy One-String

The King of the One-String Guitar, Brushy One-String is far more than just a gimmick. He also has a great voice, and plays in a jamming country-soul style.

KiT (Kuenta i Tambú)

KiT combines the Afro-Caribbean music of Curaçao with European EDM, and live instruments with DJ equipment, for songs to shake to big time. Producer Sam Backer hosted them on an episode of the B-side from BRIC.

Hailu Mergia and Low Mentality


From the leader of Walias Band, one of the top Ethio-funk groups of the 70s, to a DC cab driver to a late career resurgence through an Awesome Tapes from Africa reissue, Hailu Mergia has an astounding story. The accordion-synth mixture of his Classical Instrument and his recent collaborative playing with Afrobeat group Low Mentality are equally amazing.

Previous Coverage: We reviewed Hailu Mergia Remixes, and featured Hailu in our "Afro-Tech" program, for which we also interviewed him.

Noura Mint Seymali


Noura Mint Seymali, a Mauritanian ardine player from a legendary griot lineage, keeps her native country's traditional music alive, while her husband, Jeich Ould Chighaly backs her on electrifying distorted Sahelian guitar.

Previous Coverage: We premiered her song "El Madi" from the globalFEST Selector compilation.

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