Blog September 18, 2012
Feminine metal from Egypt: New video from Massive Scar Era
The moment Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February, 2011, singer and bandleader Sherine Amr stopped going to Tahrir Square. Over a year of protests and demonstrations since then have not impressed the leader of Egypt’s only woman-led metal band, Massive Scar Era. Amr has wanted no part of the “commoditization” of the revolution. But that doesn’t mean she’s stopped caring about her country’s fate. Her big issue is ending discrimination against women, a cause few viable politicians in Egypt even pay lip service to amid a religious “take over of the country.” Now, the same week in which Muslim capitals around the world are roiling with rage against a hate-fueled, fourth-rate internet video, Massive Scar Era unveils a video of their own for the song “Pray.” It’s brave, defiant, fun and rocking, as it asks the question, “Why are you pushing me to be someone I hate to see?”  Lest anyone thought the young women of Egypt would quietly acquiesce to theocratic social regression…

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