Blog July 26, 2013
Film Alert: Woodstock in Timbuktu
As longtime aficionados of the joys of Malian music (not to mention the maker's of our own film on the subject), we have a lot of love for the Festival au Desert, a yearly gathering in the nation's north that brought together musicians from across the country and fans from across the world. While we filmed  our movie (Festival in the Desert: The Tent Sessions) in the early years of the decade, when all signs pointed towards the creation of a new era of peace, Woodstock in Timbuktu, which is having its US premier this Sunday, July 28th at the Film Society at Lincoln Center, was made as the clouds of war engulfed the north. Focusing on the groups Amanar, Tartit, and Bombino, the film explores the challenges that face the festival, as well as its continued importance to the Tuareg people. While we've followed the situation in Mali extensively over the past year, we're excited at the chance to get a new, personal look. AND- we want you to go and check it out as well. SO- if you mention AFROPOP to the staff, you will get the affiliate discount, and be able to purchase tickets for $10.

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