Blog April 2, 2021
Friday Night Nice: Toumani Diabaté, Nico Mulhy and London Symphony Orchestra

When you bring together one of the kora’s most versatile players and ready collaborators, a world-class symphony riding high off a collaboration with another varied if unexpected talent, and one of the most famous composer-arrangers in the composing-and-arranging game today, what do you expect is going to happen? If you guessed “they’ll make a delicate work of nigh-unsurpassable beauty” you would be correct.

Check out “Elyne Road,” the latest track from Toumani Diabaté and the London Symphony Orchestra’s upcoming album, with arrangements by Nico Mulhy:

If only our medical professionals weren’t so busy, we could find out if this release really does lower blood pressure as I suspect it does. Regardless, the full-dosage of relaxation, the album Kôrôlen, is out on April 23 via World Circuit Records and can preordered here.

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