Features October 13, 2017
Fuji-Juju Mixtape

This mixtape samples current and classic fuji and juju tracks from Nigeria, most of them featured on our program Lagos Roots: Fuji, Juju and Apala. Fuji tracks tend to be very long, so this is just a taste. Remember that King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal and K1 de Ultimate are the same artist, also known at a point in his long career as KWAM1.

Track list: “Fuji Repete” K1 de Ultimate, from Flavours Disc 2 “Oro - Esin”  King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Faze 3 “Time Factor” Saheed Osupa, Time Factor “Opiyemi” Salawa Abeni, Recovering “Asakasa, Part 1” Obesere, Asakasa “Rehearsal audio” Timmy Wonder and the Creative Crew, Field recording by Afropop Worldwide in Lagos “Ayo mi se se bert” Queen Ayo Balogun, Aiye Kan (One Life) “Shina Gbode” Sir Shina Peters, Shinamania “Woro” King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, Okofaji Carnival Fuji Fusion

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