Blog June 8, 2021
Georges Collinet Hosting Africa Center’s “Home Is Where the Music Is” at Noon ET

Our host, Georges Collinet, has partnered with The Africa Center to present a video program “highlighting the stories, struggles and insights of African musicians living and creating away from ‘home,’ whether on the continent or in the diaspora.”

"Home Is Where the Music Is" live streams today at noon via The Africa Center’s Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, but the full event will be available right here:

In addition to its imitable host, the video has quite a guest list. “We caught up with Sampa The Great, Wunmi, Jupiter & Okwess, and Daniel Dzidzonu and through interviews and narration by legendary African broadcaster Georges Collinet (Voice of America; Afropop Worldwide), interspersed with photography, art, video, and music, we explore notions of home, migration, identity, authenticity, cultural collaboration and preservation through time and space in the African context.”

RSVP right here.

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