Blog March 26, 2013
Ghana Kickstarter hits 30 Percent!
If you haven't heard yet, Afropop Worldwide is going to GHANA (and we have an entire day spent in the New York consulate to prove it...) in order to make TWO exciting new Hip Deep programs. The FIRST will cover Afro-Funk legend Ebo Taylor (who is actually going on tour this summer in Europe) and the cross-cultural fusion (a devastating mixture of funk and highlife) that he helped to develop in Accra during the 60's. Despite the influence of this music on a few little things like, say, Fela's Afrobeat, much of this history has been overlooked in the years since. We aim to fix that. For our second program, we are going to be taking a look at the current music scene in Ghana. While we've dealt with Hip Life in the past, the past few years have seen an explosive set of developments in Ghanian music, most notably the sudden emergence of Azonto as an exciting new musical strain. We plan to delve into the city's present day music scene as a whole, from the cutting edge clubs to the still thriving traditional performance groups, bringing the musical life of a 21st century African metropolis to life for our listeners. We launched the campaign last week, and we are excited that we've already surpassed 30% of our goal. BUT- we still have a ways to go! So check out the kickstarter page for more information (including our AWESOME rewards) and help support Afropop's Ghana trip!

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